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Photography is the investment of a lifetime, one that tells your story through photos that will live on forever. Photos are heirlooms that will be passed down through time, which is why it is incredibly important that my work reflects the moments that mean so much, the passion and energy that define you.

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Sessions starting at $400

Elopements starting at $2,000

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If anyone is looking for a photographer for weddings, or honestly any other events, i highly recommend contacting Haley Rome. She absolutely killed it at our wedding this past weekend. Very professional, showed up on time, and even stayed a little later than she was hired for. Very affordable and the pictures are coming out better than we could have hoped for!

"Very affordable and the pictures are coming out better than we could have hoped for!"


I cannot recommend Haley enough! My fiancé and I had never done a photo shoot before and we were super nervous, both of us get awkward behind a camera. But Haley’s fun and bubbly personality made us feel SO comfortable, and she had so many creative ideas that we never would have thought of on our own! 
She is seriously the best hype woman which made us feel confident (and even sexy!!). Not only did we have a blast hanging with her, but we walked away feeling like we gained a new BFF.
We were legitimately in tears when we looked through the final product!! They turned out better than we could have ever imagined. Her editing and cropping style emphasized the emotion in the photos and made them super dreamy and unique— like works of art. And now we’re like damn, maybe we are models???? She truly has the magic ✨

"Haley’s fun and bubbly personality made us feel SO comfortable,"


Haley was absolutely amazing to work with. She is extremely personable and down to earth. As someone who also has a passion for photography but feels held back, I was brought so muhc inspiration. Haley made me feel so confident in not only taking photos myself but also in myself. I've never had photos i've enjoyed of myself before! She never ran out of inspiration and it was so fun watching her work and ideas grow. She made my boyfriend and I feel so confident and I'm so thankful we have such amazing pictures.

"Haley is extremely personable and down to earth"


Haley did my wedding photos and she was one of the most professional and caring photographers I’ve ever met. She took some of the best pictures of my family I’ve ever seen. She showed the love and support that she had for me and my husband. I will have Haley for all of my photography that I need

" she was one of the most professional and caring photographers I’ve ever met. "

 look back on their most precious moments in timeless golden bright photographs 

Our clients

CAN usually BE FOUND SOMEWHERE NEAR THE OCEAN or on thier next travel adventure

Our clients

I do not give raw photos! My work isn't done until I edit your photos in my style! What makes each photographer unique is the way we see your story through our lens. Your story isn't told until it's brought to life with my golden filmy edits. I only deliver my best work and I don't believe providing RAW's would be beneficial because it wouldn't be my complete work:)


The best way to book me is going through my contact form! I will always respond between 24-48 hours so if you don't see a response from me make sure to follow up! I don't want your inquiry to get lost!

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I am currently located in Granby, CT! I do most of my work between CT and Rhode Island but I absolutely love traveling! I offer discounted packages for weddings/elopements beyond the east coast:)

East Coast & Beyond

My style is very warm, bright, and golden. It took me a bit of experimenting to get to my editing style and every story I capture is told in my signature style. If you're looking for a different look, I'd be happen to recommend you elsewhere :)


- Sushi
- Lobster with butter
- Fried food
- Good fruits
- Steak
-Pad thai

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